Vison & Values


Learning how to consciously choose positive thoughts over negative ones creates a positive energy exchange. This allows us to see our true values and dreams. Through positive and lasting change, we can awaken our inner selves.


We empower others to connect with themselves through mindful practices and develop a holistic wellbeing approach to all aspects of life.


We encourage positive action, driven by awareness and movement. Awareness is choosing to be mindful of and observe your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Movement can come in many forms, and it encourages you to experience a more profound sense of connection with yourself.

Our Story

Justin and Ashley, a married All-American couple, feel that men, in particular, are not receiving enough attention in the holistic wellness conversation. Justin is entering his retirement from the military. He knows all too well about the physical and mental issues that men encounter, especially those who have served in the military. He understands that men often push their issues aside while concealing deep troubles like anxiety and PTSD. They are often ignored or quickly subscribed prescriptions that alienate them even further. Ashley is a passionate stay at home mom, who is continually educating herself on alternative medicine benefits. Together, they believe that practices like meditation, herbal remedies, yoga and  a clean diet, will help these men (and women!)

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