What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic nutrition combines evidence-based functional nutrition training with spirituality, self-compassion and high-performance living. It’s a broader perspective than dieting and eating well.


Holistic Nutrition

Holistic nutrition aims at achieving optimal health results for a specific individual. Meaning, that what works for one individual, doesn't always work for another. It focuses on healing & nurturing the body in a wholistic way: Mind, Body and Soul.

  • Focus on wellness to achieve optimal health

  • Focus on foods and nutrients to nourish the body and help it thrive

  • Poor nutrition can contribute to physical and emotional issues

  • Balanced nutrition can nourish the body and support it in operating at its full potential

  • Clients select their own personal wellness goals

  • Work includes addressing diet, lifestyle habits (i.e., exercise and movement, mindfulness, relaxation and stress management, sunshine and nature, mealtime hygiene, sleep hygiene, and reduction/elimination of toxins from the home and personal care routine) to improve personal health and well-being while pursuing chosen goals

Whole Body, Whole Thought

Modern technology and advances allowed the world to keep food fresh longer, but at what expense?

What we eat and how we eat is often overlooked. "Holistic nutrition requires a whole-life approach—when and where you eat, where your food comes from, and what your food ate. Holistic nutrition can also include a specific cultural philosophy—like Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine—or a specific diet—such as ancestral foods, raw foods, cleansing, vegetarianism, or anti-inflammatory, for example. Processed foods contain additives and preservatives that are harmful to the body" (ACHS). In addition, most processed foods are NOT nutrient dense. From a holistic approach, a calorie is not just a calorie.

We should strive to eat organically and locally sourced foods, that not only nourishes the body and mind but are also farmed and managed in a responsible and caring way. Not only does buying locally organic food ensure freshness in nutrition dense food, it also promotes local sustainability.

Remember to always eat your greens, but don't forget the other colors too (Rainbow Diet)!

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